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 The Ghost of Theron

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Theron JeAurum

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PostSubject: The Ghost of Theron   Wed Jul 02, 2008 8:11 pm

It makes no sense for La Horde (long may it wave) to suffer the lack of guild property as I am out of the game (for now, and some time to come).

Can someone think of a way for me to transfer my guild-gotten armor back to La Horde so you can better equip new newbies? I feel like a thief to just sit on the items and not use them.

I do not wish to leave La Horde, but I also cannot imagine when I will play again. I am still a Premium member, and because my life goes through big changes now and then, I cannot say I will never play MoM again, so I wish to remain a member of La Horde ... but for the foreseeable future I am not participating actively. If it is necessary to toss me from the guild for any reason, I will be sad but not offended.

La Horde has been very generous and thoughtful toward me, and I regret that I can no longer contribute (as little as I did contribute anyway).

I logged in today to see if I might find someone to discuss this with in-game, and saw absolutely none of my friends (guild or otherwise). Did I miss a notice about mass vacations or something?

Best wishes for all your good fortune,
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Member of the Great Darks
Member of the Great Darks

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PostSubject: Re: The Ghost of Theron   Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:20 am

Due to my work schedule I am not able to log on during the day often, so that is why you wouldn't have found me on. My Dad is usually on during the late afternoon and evening (when I see him anyway) Necrogobby is on vacation and Forestorm isn't able to get on often, there was one other person who may not be able to get on any time soon, not sure what name it was, but he posted in the english living room. Beyond that, many of us have new toons so when we're on, it may be with toons you haven't yet seen. If you used /gwho to locate guildies and the La Horde players were on another server, that wouldn't turn up results either. Or maybe, you just were unlucky and came when there weren't any of us on at the time. Anyway, no notice that every one went on vacation (that I'm aware of) so there shouldn't have been anything you missed.

As for kicking you out, I see no reason for that. Same with getting the armor, most of it is easy to farm for players with semi high level players. My new toon King Minos (40/36/34) is taking on War/Asn 50/50 mobs so farming more armor shouldn't be a problem. I personally see no need to do either of the things you suggested. But I suppose it's best to wait to see what the rest of us have to say.

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Leader of the guild
Leader of the guild

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PostSubject: Re: The Ghost of Theron   Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:05 pm

I totally agree with Kage.
Btw sorry for being absent, but as Necrogobby and Kage told you I can't play often...

Anyway Theron you're still a guild member, a warrior of la Horde, a brother...

Cya buddies


Forestorm Ranger/Bard/Wizard 100/100/100
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PostSubject: Re: The Ghost of Theron   

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The Ghost of Theron
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