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 Warrior epic

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PostSubject: Warrior epic   Sun Aug 03, 2008 9:49 pm

And Now the WARRIOR EPIC ... I started it this afternoon but I am already lvl 65 .. so I can't tell you the level requedted to start it .. I suppose it's level 50 and may be 60...


1st step:
GO to speak to your warrior trainer (the quest is the same one for FoL and MoD)... he will send you to Martine ironbender, a level 100 warrior, located at the vendors place in Mohrum.

Speak to her.. she'll tell you to bring her back 10 hilts from warrior spirits.

2nd step:
I looked for them a very long time ... by finally found them ...

the easiest way is to go glorg the sullen (careful he may attack) and then look behind the pyramid to find a path to a cercle maid with 10 rocks (stonehenge ?? no .. lol ... too small). Use your enchanted shovel (given by martine ironbender) to summon the fallen warriors ... kill all those (they are lvl 42 warrior that's easy) and take their hilts.

then go back to Martine Ironbender : she'll reward you, giving the key to the sister's room.

3rd part:
go and speak to the sister's guardian in hazeroth keep, where I suggest you to bind, at the first floor, take the first to the left and enter the room. don't worry you wont be attacked. Speak to the guardian, who willl send you get 5 things : beetle pincers, spider pincers, moonpowder, a snake fang and a basilisk tongue.
The basilisk tongue is the hardest thing to get ... I needed 1 hour to find one, but I finanlly found a good place to kill basilisks ... even in HK ... go to the head of the bridge (the dragon mouth, btw, there is a basilisk there) and then (facing it) go to the left to the goblin's camp, climb up along the path and look right, you'll see 3 basilisks... go to them and kill them .. still no tongue ? continue a little and you should see some other basilisk (when I came they were 3) but beware of malaku : lvl 100 monster realm ONLY. he may attack you.

Then go back to the guardians.
Be sure that you've got the rustled hilts in your inventory ! (the ones from the fallen warriors).

They will take all that and give a THE BLACK HILT (scary nah ? Twisted Evil ).

4rth part:

go back to martine ironbender and give her the black hilt (she isn't affraid of it .. strange ^^ : lol: ). she'll tell you to go back to HK. the easiest way is to use planar recall if you can , or to do /suicide, if you're bored of running the bridge.

Speak to the guardian and tell : here to kill them. Fiona and Leona nighshade will appear.
Next step : kill both those lvl 60/55 asn/rev and get their crossguards back to martine iron bender..

5th part:

OH ! you thought it was finally finished ?
hummm ... no .
what you've to do know is some kind of easy. you just have to go to MZ : once in , go straight to the dragon and the ruins that look like a greek temple built in the rock (I hope you seen what I am speaking of) . before the stairs open your tracking window and walk along the sea. when you can track Mandrake Stonecutter go up to him and speak . He'll give you the Fist Sized Ruby . nothing else to do, go back to martine ironbender.

6th part:

this time, he wants you to get a good blade, and so you'll have to find Strathalorn Stormbringer in jakreth jungle.
This is a REALLY ANNOYING PART. as no one was in when I did that part I had to look around jakreth jungle for about 30 minutes. And I don't want you to have to do it aswell, so I'll tell you where he is : go to bind stones and the sanctuary of the profane; from here, open the map to see where the north is.
You know have to go to the east, at about 500 meters from the sanctuary of the profane and about at 600 meters from the bind stones.

You've found him !! WoW nice ^^. But don't speak to him! but all your buffs on and prepare your pet if you've got one. He is a level 60 warrior but he is modded : once ready speak to him and speak about the blade, he'll become really hostile.

Kill him down and take the Sharp Broken Blade back to martine ironbender.

PS: I personnaly killed him without my pet and without my best buffs, nor te fearing spells ... I mean the ethereal manifestion and the Alliance Combat Haste ... but I finished with only 5k hp left (out of 26k) at level 65/64/63 .. so be carefull if you're not at least lvl 60

7th part and last one

we're finally at the end of this warrior epic.
You now have to go to eastern wasteland and to look for Wyverns of the Flame (lvl 60/60). You've got to bring to martine 2 flame sacs. The easiest way to find those wyverns from the hornul arena (I port there to go to EW, but that's the same way from the kauldurian path), is to go straight to the cavern with the greystones, tracking window opened because they will be upon a hill on your right.

Bring those two Flame Sacs to martine Ironbender, who will reward you giving you his hammer and pincers.

You have a last thing to do with those items : craft the SWORD, a 2h slash weapon, lvl 60 warrior . You've to craft it upon the anvil next to ironbender, martine Ironbender ...


and if I can suggest you something, try to do the epic katanas, the other quest given by martine ironbender. but I won't explain it here, as the informations he gives are really clear : bring be 3 crystals, 3 diamonds etc etc

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Warrior epic
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