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PostSubject: TEMP_MONK_???   Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:28 pm

Ok I'm new at this but I picked TEMPEST off the bat(as a prim) and wasn't planning to multi class but running from those mobs and getting killed from behind got kinda lame. SO as suggested by a more experienced player (cant remember who) I learned to be a MONK which made life easier... obviously.

So whats better go CLERIC..for health..n nukes?...
I though about doing REV like Kuliana...but DRUID can port aswell if thats the main bonus of rev besides Buffs is druid the better tri?
I wouldn't mind running to long as i can run there fast... is there a class thats faster then others buffs..spells or otherwise?
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Member of the Great Darks
Member of the Great Darks

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PostSubject: Re: TEMP_MONK_???   Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:56 pm

Rev has the ability to use an amazing stun at tri, but prior to tri, it has a variety of sleeps and fears. While leveling you also have access to some phys and mag resist debuffs, to make your melee attacks do more damage, but if you aren't using your Monk's melee abilities, then that debuff line won't do much for you. Also, Rev can get you 1800 phys resist with the Phantasmic Manifestation when fully tomed.

Druid can get you ports, but more importantly for this build, it gets you combat regen, you can get your mana back in combat, at a some what faster rate (when tomed up) than the mana regen buff by Rev. Also, at tri, Druid gives you a total of +36% melee damage mod (again, tomed up), more resists, 1200 thorns damage (per hit), as well as the combat regen. Druid is a great class if you pick it for the buffs. The pets aren't really necessary since you already have Tempest, but Druid gets great pets while leveling, but the last pet is rather weak by the time you reach Tri.

Bard would also work, as Monk/Bard makes you nearly invincible, and that combination of classes gets you absolutely amazing resists. The Bard also has great combat regen, and a mana regen buff on par with Rev as well. You'd end up with quite a caster overall. Fast regen, very hard to injure, very high stats due to the buffs, very high resists, etc. and a great set of nukes (early on at least) with an amazing end game pet. That as well as your excellent melee abilities.

Cleric is an obvious choice, but you end up devoting a portion of your mana to healing instead of nuking. You could end up going through mana a bit faster that way, and mana regen slows as you reach the higher levels. By tri, with out the some great mana regen gear, it regens much slower than your health. Even with excellent mana regen gear (useless for anything other than mana regen), it's not a lot faster, noticably faster than health regen, but not a lot faster.

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Member of the Great Darks

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PostSubject: Re: TEMP_MONK_???   Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:48 pm

I would suggest bard or cleric. with these you would at least get shields and with cleric you would get heavy armor. While heavy armor isn't necessary I have found end game that not having shield is a bummer.

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PostSubject: Re: TEMP_MONK_???   Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:28 pm

Thanks guys.. brought Dravidus to tri.. fun build..


Dravidus temp/monk/bard

the good

First off i realized having temp class before your combat class allows you to really get a use out of your pet, when tomed it can come out a few levels stronger than you Smile . I'm sure all you pet owners know this from endgame but even before that, it makes leveling easier.

You can kite things stronger than you while you raise your monk class, after that you don't need to run anymore.

Great resists - with advances, spells, skills, equipment and armour...they can be really high.

Great in a party/alliance, especially with shamans and clerics.

Survival - dodge,block,shield, fiegn death, camoflage, invisible spell, pets, stuns,acrobatics, fly skill and spell, sorrow song (like a fear skill)


Monk Rings

Casters, and druid types generally don't stand a chance against yah.

Fast.. no real need to port endgame unless your destination is over two zones away

Pets can use spells/skills only availble to mod toons i.e dmk, assasin

Pets are various and plenty throughout. (not to mention multi-classed)

Blightbane Strike (stun)

the bad

offense is so so, no nukes or big melee hits
can't handle long fights
tanks are hard to beat solo
alot of money spent on pets and other spell scrolls.
only one aoe end game.. needs to be fully tomed to really work
twice as many pets so twice as much farming to tome said pet
no heavy armour skill
no enchanting

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Great Master and Creator

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PostSubject: Re: TEMP_MONK_???   Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:03 pm

OH that's a good thing to have you writting a review on your build with pros and cons Wink

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PostSubject: Re: TEMP_MONK_???   

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